Only two members of a mob gang are left, after the other members got wiped out. Can they elude the cops and can they survive each other?

A portly man, in a dimly lit room, pulls out a Cuban cigar from the humidor, lights it up and pours himself a brandy, neat, before he hears a knock at his door. The wooden slats from the door’s window blinds captures the outline of a man’s silhouette from outside, while the smoke inside the room creates dramatic shafts of light streaming in from the streetlight from across the street corner. He stares hard at the doorknob, as he checks the time to see that it’s just about to turn midnight. As the chiming wall clock clangs, the portly man, Pauli, finally relents and opens the door – he’s relieved to see that it’s Luigi at the door.

With nonchalance, Luigi asks where the other three are – Sam, Joe and Ralphie. With gravitas, Pauli responds by giving him the news that all three were dead – shot down, as was written in the police report that Joe’s wife, Samantha, had explained to him. After taking the glass of brandy from Pauli, Luigi slowly descends and the plops into the seat, crestfallen and incredulous. They all went to Franks shop, to collect payment but someone had apparently known the trio was coming and waiting for them there.

Now that the other three are no longer a part of their operation, only Pauli and Luigi are left for the police to chase down. Luigi proposes they both go separate ways, to reduce the likelihood of being traced, but Pauli doesn’t like the idea of leaving all the money behind that Frank was in possession of. Luigi conjectures the money is probably blown to smithereens due to the bomb, but Pauli doesn’t remember mentioning the explosion to Luigi, which then sparks the downward spiral of suspicion between each other.

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director: Eric Demeusy
Producer: Demeusy Pictures
DOP: Jason Mitcheltree
Camera Operator: Nar Levoni
1st Assistant Camera: Deep Rai
Key Cast: Daniel Mentz, Heath Centazzo, Dean Bruni, Terrence J. Rotolo, Rob Marrocco Jr., Victor Castagna, Robert Zachar, Michael Bronte

Ratings & Review

Dialogue that rattles off like a Tommy Gun as tensions build up to the climax.
Very Good
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