Capture Land

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” ~Nelson Mandela

Tocky stares through the bars of his jail cell as if in suspended animation until he gets startled by a guard calling out his name and stating that he’s free to go. After he walks through the dilapidated prison facility, he’s greeted by a buddy, waiting outside on a moped. Once they make way through town on the scooter, he reflects on what his purpose on this world is until his thoughts get interrupted by spotting Marie the “beauty queen.” Just as quickly as Tocky calls out her name, Marie turns around and shuts down his advance. Hearing her loud and clear, Tocky and his buddy decide to continue on their way but not before receiving a tiny smile from Marie during Tocky’s snappy serenade.

As Tocky parts ways with his scooter mate, he makes his way down a road of shanties looking for a guy named Eugene, to which, one of the men playing ludo on a well worn playing board points out where Eugene is. Eugene then comes out and already seems to know what Tocky’s looking for – two large, plastic, blue containers. By nightfall, Tocky finally gets the containers to its destination – a shanty with several men, wearing rubber gloves and faces covered with dust masks, concocting what looks like polyester resin in large buckets. After exchanging fits bumps and nonchalantly stating their next step in operations, they make their way to a party.

The party is a full house but relaxed, while the DJ spins “Who Knows” by Protoje featuring Chronixx. Through the crowd, Tocky sees Marie again but this time her walls have lowered, allowing them to get to know each other a littler better. After a pleasurable night together, he walks her home and respectfully kisses her goodnight and stays out of her home. Happily walking away and clearly confident that something can potentially grow between each other, Tocky gets accosted by a male youth requesting to come along with him, to which, Tocky replies by telling the boy that it’s bigger than him and that he should go back to his parents. What is Tocky’s plan, having recently been released from jail?

Cast & Crew

Director: Nabil Elderkin
Writer: Taylor Cohen
Executive Producers: Kweku Mandela, Tamir Muhammed, Caroline Rupert
DOP: Antonio Riestra AMC, ACK
Editor: Damion Clayton
Original Score: Michael Einziger, Ann Marie Calhoun
Color: Paul Yacono
Sound: Mike Franklin
Producers: Justin Benoliel, Natalie Thompson, Ivan Harerra, Kweku Mandela, Caroline Rupert
Key Cast: Sheldon Sheperd

Ratings & Review

Wonderful application of Mandela's quote to a charming Rastafari, who's leaving behind his wayward ways for something bigger and better with his brethren.
Very Good
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