Getting out of the mob scene is no simple task, as a hitman reluctantly agrees to take one last job for an Irish mob boss.

The hitman, Harry, sits across the table of the mob boss, listening to him describe the incident with the Chinese mafia encroaching on his turf – in his country. To send them a message, the boss, Dave, wants Harry to take one last job and bring the Chinese gang leader, Hing Mau – Harry could pull it off because nobody knows who he is. It’s clear that if Harry doesn’t take the job or if he tries to double-cross Dave, the “girl” dies.

In a practically empty video game arcade and pool hall, three Chinese men occupy the space to themselves – one playing a video game, the other two playing billiards. Harry takes confident strides through the space and up to the pool table asking where he could find Hing Mau. As the bigger of the two billiard players asks, “who want to know” Harry takes him out with a pool stick and puts a machete to the neck of the other billiard player. With a nickel-plated Beretta pointed at the hitman, the Chinese man, with the machete to his neck, orders the other man to stand down – Harry obviously found his man.

Once Hing Mau is tied up and thrown into the back seat, Harry calls Dave’s mobile phone and leaves the phone connected, as agreed so that Dave can hear whether Harry talks to the Chinese mob boss about anything. After entering the parking garage, where Dave and his henchmen are waiting, Harry brings Hing forward but doesn’t relinquish his prisoner until Dave holds up his end of the bargain. Knowing that Dave isn’t one to be trusted, was he damned if took the job and damned if he didn’t?

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director: Brian O’Malley
Producer: Paul Holmes
DOP: Darran Tiernan
Editor: Tony C. Kearns
Production Designer: Derek Wallace
Music: Empire State Human
Key Cast: Liam Cunningham, Gerard Carey, Kit M. Tsang, Anna Sneyd, Dayboy Kelly, Brian Herron, Robert Boyd, Conan Sweeny, Leon Lu, Kamen Wong

Ratings & Review

Highly stylized and a balanced pace, as if to demonstrate the methodical and confident nature of the protagonist.
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