Cité Soleil, Haiti is one of the largest slums in the Western hemisphere and where you can find a young rapper, Blacksun, use music as his weapon-of-choice.

A young Haitian man sits at the foot of his bed in a shanty, staring at a poster of a major telecommunications poster hanging on his wall. The little sunlight that penetrates the room creates a silver lining across the profile of his face. He calls himself Blacksun, “Man of Cité Soleil,” and that he represents the all the men of his hometown of Cité Soleil.

In 1981, his father moved the family into town with the promise of work at a factory but the factory wasn’t hiring and that’s when everything went downhill. With the knowledge that his parents tried to change his life for the better, he realized that he had to fight harder for what they had in-mind and grew up with a perspective that most people don’t have to view the world – he knew he had to change the world through music, so the youth can have a better life.

Blacksun walks down narrow alleys, down the dirt roads flanked with shanties and passed laundry flapping on clotheslines like pennants to meet with friends, joke around, smoke and then goes back to sleep and do it all over again the next day. But during these banal days, he’s caught rapping and singing to himself – sometimes seen singing while walking down the streets, sometimes seen when young passers-by stop to peer into his shanty while he recites his own lyrics. To him, youth who chooses a life of violence and becomes gang members, bandits and thieves are afraid of suffering. Blacksun is not afraid to suffer but can his music and influence change the trajectory of the youth in his community?

Cast & Crew

Director of Photography: Kohl Threlkeld
Editor: Jon Bougher
Composer: Rob Blazey
Associate Producer: Christian Aramy
Producers: Afriani and Steve Valcourt
Music: Blacksun
Production: Emic Films

Ratings & Review

In a country known for its violence and turbulent history, it's uplifting to see a local youth trying to make a difference by using music as a means to make change.
Very Good
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