Dog Food

The life of a young meat shop owner, who believes in humane ways of butchering, starts to come undone when he can’t find his pet dog.

Declan Moore, a young, Brooklyn butcher, goes through his morning routine of being awoken by his loving greyhound, Ralphie, reading through unsigned hate mail, and feeding and butchering his livestock. Everything was routine about this day until a potential love interest walks into his store.

As the young woman explains that she’s just perusing for inspiration to cook dinner for others, Declan thinly masks his interest by asking what the occasion was. For her parents? Boss? Boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps? Catching on to his probe, she counters with her version, asking who “we” is in context to those who opened the store. Girlfriend, boyfriend? With both confirming that neither has a significant other in their respective lives, they finish up the transaction for recently butchered chicken but in hopes to see her again, Declan offers a brochure of humane butchering classes – something she didn’t seem overly excited about but still smiles and reaffirms that it sounds “humane” before she leaves his shop.

Declan’s week continues on and he still receives daily hate mail – a pile of similarly distinct yellow paper has it’s own dedicated stack on his hallway table. After one uneventful day at the butcher shop, he returns home to find that his dog has disappeared. After three days of posting help signs on light posts and searching for his dog, Declan’s potential love interest visits his shop, acknowledging that she saw his lost dog signs. Just before he goes into what looks like a state of catatonia, she asks him to dinner – reaffirming that there was real chemistry between the two of them when they first met and offering a possible way to keep his mind off of his lost dog. With a promising start between the two, will Declan be able to find his dog or pull himself together in the near future?

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director: Brian Crano
Executive Producers: Brian Crano, David Craig, Max Hurwitz
Producer: Michael Klein
Editor: Matthew Friedman
Director of Photography: Adam Bricker
Key Cast: Cory Michael Smith, Amanda Seyfried, David Craig

Ratings & Review

A nice twist at the end with very compelling character development. Not to mention that's it's just in time for Halloween.
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