La Luz del Mundo (The Light of the World)

After generations of hiding underground from unknown abductors, mankind as lost the sense of sight. Only a few have regained their vision and have moved aboveground because they’re viewed as rebels. As they journey to a new place to settle, their gift of sight giveth and the gift taketh away.

A dark hallway, with small shafts of sunlight, echoes with the pitter-patter of a child running down the hallway until she hits with a thud against the larger body of an adult. The blindfolded child, Alba, now sitting on the floor from knocking into her mother, asks her mother to play with one of her friends, who’s outside playing with others who have regained their vision before she has. With a little more time to transition from the dark and to the light, her mother assures Alba that it won’t be long before she’s able to play with the others outside. Having also been regained her eyesight, Alba’s mother, Clarisa, marvels at how pretty her daughter is.

In bed, Alba tells Clarisa that she can now see visions in her sleep and others are calling those who can see as infirmed. It’s then that Clarisa adamantly forces Alba to read a book, written in braille, and also when we learn that since the start of abductions of an unseen force, the government delegated their authority to the church. After generations of staying underground in faraway mountains, people lost their ability to see – a sense that was long forgotten by recent generations. It was only within the last handful of generations, that people were beginning to see again and was executed, after being quarantined. For those who escaped, they became rebels in the church’s eyes.

Emerging from the dense tree line of the forest, Clarisa leads her group into a field next to a running river and a decayed urban skyline – a sight they could never have imagined. Broken down automobiles, rusty equipment, abandoned buildings and covered-over infrastructure litter their new settlement. With a radius of 10,000 paces worth of real estate to call home, could this be their new paradise, far away from the oppressive governance of the church in the mountains?

Cast & Crew

A Film By: Producers of Mercy
Directors: Fernando J. Martínez, Alfonso García
Writer: Fernando J. Martínez, Alberto Murcia
Producer: Juan Carlos Claver
Executive Producers: Marta Piñol, Fernando J. Martínez, Alfonso García
DOP: Pope Maroto
Production: Kines Producciones
Key Cast: Marina Durante, Javier Ramírez, Irene García, Javier Gadeam, Jose Royo
Music Composer: Miguel A. Pozuelo
Editors: Ignasi Esteve, Javier Puerto, Sebastián Roque
Art Director: Sara Velázquez García
Sound Designer: Roberto Fernández
Costume Designer: Nadejzda Peche Caballero
Make-Up, Haird: Viviana Sánchez ‘Little Vivi’
Assistant Director: Alf Moraleja
Special Effects: Alucine
Make-Up Special Effects: Artefacto
3D Artist: Alberto HR Sastre
Visual Effects: Alfonso García, Luis A. Falomir, Fátima Albarrán, Javier Blanco, Pablo Mejías
Line Producer: Marta Piñol
Production Manager: Luz A. Aldana Barahona

Ratings & Review

A great short that can kick off a story arc into a saga or a series.
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