If aliens came to earth and openly presented themselves to us, would they come in peace or would they come to conquer?

A dilapidated flying saucer hovers over an outhouse, as an elderly man in denim overalls emerges to blithely observe the UFO float over the fenced fields and stables. While he makes is way back to the house with pitchfork in-hand and burlap bags in tow, the rusted saucer follows him like a little puppy.

Once the farmer’s wife sees his approach, she makes her way into the kitchen and fixes herself soup. When the farmer enters the kitchen, she asks whether he’s gotten rid of “that thing” yet, as if he could actually do anything about the lingering alien. After he replies that he’ll get rid of the critter the following day, she sets her spoon down in irritation and leaves the room, to which, the farmer finishes off her soup, because, apparently, she only made enough for herself.

The telephone rings thrice, she picks up the phone and a male voice, on the other side of the line, begins to serenade her. On another house phone, the farmer overhears the singing from his wife’s admirer. Crestfallen from his telephonic discovery, the farmer decides to take action against the alien vehicle only to be knocked on his back – physical salt added to an emotional wound.

At night, he talks in his sleep while lying on the couch. With quiet approach, his wife covers his feet with the bed sheet that he’s used to cover himself and looks outside the window, into the dark sky. Although they can carry on with their lives, with all the highs and lows that life has to offer, will the curious UFO pose a transformative impact in the banal world of the farmer and his wife?

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director, Producer: Gerard Mates
DOP: Jordi Planell
Key Cast: Cass Cumerford, Jennie Dibley, Tony Ingersent
Original Sountrack: Ivan Capillas
First Assistant Director: Julie Anne Bautista Beauchesne
Production: Ladorade Productions

Ratings & Review

A Twilight Zone like storyline entangled in matters of the heart.
Very Good
About The Author
- Joon Shin has always been an advocate for independent films and is a Co-Founder & Partner for Content of Characters, Board Director for both Dosha Pops and In The Lights PR, and serves on the Board of Advisors for TriplAgent.