Man masters nature not by force but by understanding.

A campfire, in the forest, licks the air and crackles as a bearded man stares across, towards a brown bear tied to a tree. He then gazes at his open hand, where a hand-sewn doll lies, as if it were sleeping with a smile on its face. Hearing some grumbling from the bear’s direction and unclear if it was a low gutturalization or the growling from the bear’s stomach, the man throws the bear a chicken drumstick and then drinks from a cup with both hands, readying himself for sleep.

In the morning, the man meets resistance from the bear as he pulls on the rope – it wants to stay asleep. He figures out the only way to get the bear going was to coax it with apples – a trail of sliced apples to lead them both on the path the man wants to go. Once the bear is full of apples, they stop dead in their tracks and it falls asleep, on the floor of a rocky canyon. It’s an activity the man also decides to partake in, since all he can do is wait for the bear to awaken again.

Just as dusk sets in, a bird being chased by a wolf awakes the man. After unsuccessfully shooing the canine away, he throws an apple into the distance, to which, the wolf chases after. Relieved the wolf was gone, the man pulls out the doll from his satchel and looks at the bear again, only to then see the return of both the apple and the wolf wagging its tail – he apparently he made a new friend.

As the new trio trek through lands of sand, rock and occasional oasis, they reach the top of a hill, where the man sees a solar eclipse occurring. It’s a sight that startles the man – it strikes a fear in him that makes him hasten the bear’s pace. As he tugs hard on the bear’s rope, it roars in defiance and stands on its hind legs. Has the man made his final demand on the bear? Will the wolf fight by the man’s side or flee?

Cast & Crew

Director, Writer: Damien Colboc
Music: Alexandre Poncet
Sound Design: Damien Colboc, Quentin Remy
Production: École Albert Jacquard

Ratings & Review

Wonderful story of family and friendship, wrapped in mysticism of therianthropy.
About The Author
- Joon Shin has always been an advocate for independent films and is a Co-Founder & Partner for Content of Characters, Board Director for both Dosha Pops and In The Lights PR, and serves on the Board of Advisors for TriplAgent.