The Gunfighter

During the second half of the 19th century, the ability to keep secrets meant the prolonging of ones life in the Old American West. What if your secrets kept being exposed?

A lone cowboy walks into a saloon and everyone inside seems to be going about their own business – only one man, at a table of three, notices the stranger walk in. As the cowboy approaches the bar, a male narrator describes the cowboy’s mental state, what he’s doing and where he was coming from. The cowboy immediately looks up and others in the saloon start looking around – they hear the narrator’s voice. The narrator discloses the cowboy as a gunfighter and a criminal, and is asked by the gunfighter to stop talking because he just wanted a shot of whiskey in peace.

The voice continues by stating the gunfighter would have no peace, due to the Henderson boys looking to kill him for a $200 bounty. Caught off guard, two cowboys spying on the gunfighter freeze, staring wide-eyed into space and then fixing their gaze onto the gunfighter. When the gunfighter asks if there’s any truth to the voice’s claims, the oldest Henderson boy, Tommy, lies through his teeth.

As the hand, of the younger Henderson boy, Johnny, twitches next to his Colt Peacemaker, the voice narrates Johnny’s preposterous plan to take down the gunfighter. Everyone laughs at his plan and in a state of embarrassment, he denies that he had such a ludicrous idea. Amongst all the laughing and narrating, would either the gunfighter or the Henderson boys have an opportunity to act before the voice narrates what they’re thinking or about to do?

Cast & Crew

Director: Eric Kissack
Writer: Kevin Tenglin
Producer: Sarah Platt
Cinematographer: Jon Aguirresarobe
Key Cast: Nick Offerman, Shawn Parsons, Scott Beehner, Eileen O’Connell, Timothy Brennan, Jordan Black, Brace Harris, Circus Szalewski, Travis Lincoln Cox, Schoen, Chet Nelson, Keith Biondi
Costumes: Kate Mallor
Art Director: Paul McConnell

Ratings & Review

Funny "elephant in the room" scenario set in a western, with the narrator as the elephant.
Very Good
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