Phone Home

If you traveled to Mars and had the opportunity to call someone back on Earth, who would it be and would they be impressed?

Jeff is one of three astronauts, who has reached the surface of Mars, and gets patched through to make a phone call to his wife, Nina – the very first phone call made from Mars to Earth. It took Jeff and his crew nine months to reach the planet and he’s ecstatic about being the first to make an interplanetary telephone call and share the moment with his soul mate.

Nina’s phone buzzes with an unknown caller ID blinking but she picks up to discover that it’s Jeff calling from Mars. Unaware of the significance of the event, she inquires about his trip as if it were a short business jaunt. Trying not to be drawn into a banal conversation, Jeff maintains his excitement but Nina’s apathy is unrelenting.

As the asymmetric level of excitement continues, during the phone call, Jeff’s shipmates experience some complications outside the ship. Ignorant of what’s occurring with his shipmates, is it something that Jeff should be concerned about? Will he be able to convince Nina that this phone call is awesome?

Cast & Crew

Producer, Director: The Brothers McLeod
Writer: Myles McLeod
Key Cast: Greg McHugh, Lucy Montgomery
Script Editor: Andrew Ellard
Designer: Greg McLeod
Animator: Kirsten Thacker
Voice Recording: Dave Peacock at The Sound Company
Sound Mix: Paul Johnston at Rhythm Studios
Post Production Services: Munky

Ratings & Review

Funny rendition of how those closest to us can have very little interest in what we actually do or achieve.
Category: Animation, Comedy, UK, Vimeo
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