As a group of vigilantes play the role of judge, jury and executioner, can they deliver justice or will they be faced with the poetic version?

It’s dusk and a group of villagers is on the move, like they’re on a mission. A gaunt, balding and scruffy man leads the pack with deep-creased lines on his face, accentuated by the scowl that he’s wearing, as he marches forward with a wide gait. Slowly a shotgun in his hand emerges into picture as well as pitchforks and sticks coming into focus, brandished by the others in the pack – it’s a mob with both genders and all age groups represented.

The leader calls out to someone off-screen, telling the person to come out. He stands in front of a shanty, the size of two outhouses, and awaits a response, while someone throws a rock at the door. From within, dirty fingers breach the gap between the door and the threshold to be pushed open and reveal a hunchbacked man, who seems to be disfigured by leprosy, smallpox or necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as the flesh-eating bacteria.

The villagers surround him but are repulsed and can’t find the courage to come within striking distance, in fear they may contract what he’s afflicted with. The villagers verbally assault the diseased man, accusing him as a troublemaker and commanding him to leave town. That’s when a young girl throws a rock at the disfigured man’s head, leaving him bewildered and overwhelmed with tinnitus, only to hear muffled shouts to have him killed.

Once the outcast gathers his bearings, he panics and begins to run from the crowd. It isn’t long before the leader exclaims that he’ll put the infirmed out of his misery. With two shots in the back, the unwholesome man is put down, expelling his last breath in the lake that he was running towards. At last the village is clean.

Cast & Crew

Director: Aritz Moreno
Story: Bruce Jones
Writers: Aritz Lazkano, Aritz Moreno
Producer: Leire Apellaniz, Miren Aperribay, Xabier Berzosa, Telmo Esnal, Aritz Lazkano, Aritz Moreno
DOP: Javier Agirre
Key Cast: Luis Tosar, Irati Azcuna Pascual, Iñake Irastorza, Paco Sagarzazu, Ander Pardo
Editor: Natxo Sainz
Sountrack: Mursego

Ratings & Review

A very well executed adaptation to Bruce Jones' Twisted Tales - Terminated.
Very Good
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