Dark Noir

Private investigator, Vincent Black, lives with a special power that enables him to see daemons. Are they are curse or a gift?

A bearded, lanky man takes a couple steps back from something or someone just out of our sight, inside a makeup room. Then he makes a mad dash out of the room and down the staircase but trips at the bottom of the stairs to be found shrinking and cowering against a wall, as an amorphous beast descends on him. A scene we will come back to after we find out how he got there.

That man is Vincent Black, a private investigator, damned with the curse of seeing the world of ideas and the daemon creatures that live within them – damned since the day he was born. Until that curse becomes a gift once an old artist hires him to help find the ideas from when he was young. His ideas, his daemons, were stolen by a beautiful thief, which can’t be accomplished without the help of the alchemist.

After interrogating and threatening the alchemist and his daemon, Loneliness, a name is given: Madaleana Proud, a stage performer, who sucks the power of daemons like a vampire, in order to retain her youth.

Inside an empty theater, Vincent, watches Madaleana perform and approaches her, inside her makeup room, introducing himself as an artist – the perfect bait for her to use her bewitching ways to ensnare Vincent’s daemon. As her carnivorous, flower daemon is about to snap at Vincent’s head, he clenches its neck and rips it out of Madaleana’s chest, only to find it attached to a larger blob. And then, an even larger amalgam of creatures and body parts start pouring out of her body. Even with his powers to see the daemons, does Vincent stand a chance at protecting his own?

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director: Rafael Grampá
Animation Studio: Red Knuckles
DOP: Red Knuckles
Red Knuckles Creative Directors: Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele
Producer: Monica Domanska
Original Story, Character Creation & Design: Rafael Grampá
Lead Animator: Lucas Vigroux
3D Animators: Giovanni Braggio, Scott Beharrell Bono, Chris Whyte, Magali Barbe, Florian Mounié, Martyn Smith
2D Animators: Adrien Gromelle, Stephen Vuillemin, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Alice Bissonnet, Duncan Gist, Giovanni Braggio
Technical Director: Maïckel Pasta
Lighting TD: Patrick Krafft
Environment Modelling: Florent Rousseau
Mattepaintings: Manuel Dischinger, Ian McQue, One Pixel Brush
Global Facebook Fans:
Scene 1: Adriano Antonini
Scene 2: David Jesus Vignolli
Scene 3: Greg Fenwick
Scene 4: Nina Robra
Scene 5: Anton Kovalenko & Adri Ceesari
Scene 6: Maria Vlad
Creative Agency: Sid Lee Amsterdam
Associate Creative Director: Gill Glendinning, Roger Leebody
Account Manager: Jonah Dolan
Production Company: Jimmy Lee Amsterdam
Producer: Justin Townsend, Ezra Xenos
Voice of Vincent Black: Doug Cockle
Voice of Madaleana Proud: Ajit Sandhu recorded @Stainless Sound
Music Company: Croacia
Music Composer: Marcio Chavemarin
Music Company: Wake the Town
Sound Engineer, Music Composer: Paul Schumpter
Music Producer: John Connon
‘Paper Bones’: Written and performed by Mike Ghost

Ratings & Review

A wonderful collaboration that involves the help of Facebook fans around the world.
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