Random Stop

Based on true events, a tragedy unfolds as we take the point of view of Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Dinkheller, as he engages in a high-speed pursuit because of a reckless driver.

As Deputy Kyle Dinkheller observes an empty highway, while eating sunflower seeds, he receives an incoming call from dispatch, over the police radio – it’s his wife. As she’s patched through, a baby crying in the background can be heard, as they banter about how they look in the photos that he picked, he prepares to make his way back home. We see everything that he’s seeing through his point of view (POV).

After they hang up, the scene erupts with a red pickup truck honking, speeding and swerving into the shoulder, nearly hitting the police cruiser. Although the high-speed car chase is short-lived, the driver of the vehicle, who’s a Vietnam veteran, exits his the truck and begins to patronize and accost the officer.

It’s not long before Deputy Dinkheller discovers the driver is armed with a semiautomatic and a gunfight breaks out. Unlike Hollywood shootouts, real life, adrenaline-pumping scenarios is not conducive for steady shooting, as hands shake and one must duck for cover between shots.

After shooting the driver on the shoulder, the deputy reloads further away from the assailant to gain greater cover, behind his police cruiser. As he creeps back forward, for a better view of the vetera, he discovers the driver has disappeared. With realistic, first person POV, we’re limited with the same knowledge the deputy has and have the same obstructed views. Where is the military vet?

Cast & Crew

Writer, Director: Benjamin Arfmann
Producer: JP Castel
DOP: Justin Perkinson
Key Cast: Geoffrey Kennedy, Brian Krause

Ratings & Review

Even without the knowledge this film is based on true events, once it grips you, it doesn't let go.
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- Joon Shin has always been an advocate for independent films and is a Co-Founder & Partner for Content of Characters, Board Director for both Dosha Pops and In The Lights PR, and serves on the Board of Advisors for TriplAgent.