La Boca del León

Throughout time, people have had obsessions with death and all things related to death and the afterlife, but this man’s game may have gone too far as it leads to him seek the help of a padre over the phone.

Two men speak on the phone, one obviously desperate and following directions of the other, before the video is activated on the mobile phone. Once it’s activated, we’re exposed to a dimly lit room with a distraught, shorthaired man sitting amongst candles and a pentagram painted on the floor.

The quality of the mobile video is crude, the handling of the phone is shaky and strange sounds are being emitted from somewhere in the room, which enhances our desire to get a clearer picture of what’s going on. What are the shorthaired man’s physical ailments? Is that the sound of a horse exhaling with a shut mouth? Why does it sounds like there’s a swarm bees or flies in the room? What is he looking at that he’s so fearful of and the camera on the phone isn’t pointing at?

Once the phone drops, a little girl comes into view looking down on it. The man on the other line quickly instructs the little girl to task in order for her to help the shorthaired man, her father. As she follows the instructions, it’s clear the man on the other line is a “man of the cloth” and she completes them diligently, even amongst the terrifying and unexplainable phenomena.

When the padre instructs the girl to set her father on fire with the candle, after she had already poured alcohol on him, she hesitates. Her father claims that, “Daddy’s ok” but he lurches towards her and roars like a lion. Can today’s technology and the help of this little girl, acting as remote hands for the padre, save the possessed father?

“Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8)

Cast & Crew

Director: Alfonso García
Writer: Vicente Rubio (Vincent Blonde)
Producer: Alfonso García
Cinematography: Alfonso García
Key Cast: Carlos Herranz, Ayleen Petrescu, Emilio Linder
Editor: Alfonso García
Production Set: Susi Caramelo
Sound: Luis Bragado, Fernando J. Martínez
Special Effects Makeup: Laura García
Visual Effects: José Luis Logroño

Ratings & Review

This film is visually dense, with something always new to see each time that it's watched. Recording on mobile video is totally the right fit for this story.
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