A man and a woman have a meet cute in the bathroom over and over again. Could this be destiny?

Standup comedian and actor Gabriel Bisset-Smith both acted and directed this wonderful romantic comedy, showing some of the trials and tribulations of finding love in different phases of his life. He plays the role of George, the lead actor, who is shy, but very warm, and is in constant need of his wingman, Link, who’s actually a potty-mouthed, drug-encouraging woman, whether he asks for her help or not.

The scene starts out with George seeing a woman walk into the same posh bathroom that he’s sitting at the toilet in, which will become the running theme of scenes we’ll see the key characters in, and it’s apparent that they both have a past. After piquing our interest in what experiences they’ve shared, it cuts to the first time they met – in another bathroom.

After his first encounter with his new love interest, Fee, the woman from the first scene, different cues are carried forward into the next chapters of his life, showing what kinds of impressions she’s left on him from their prior encounter – each showing up in their own way and the awkward, but heart-warming, moments they create as she discovers them through coincidental run-ins with George.

One of the biggest appeals of this film is that it touches on the question of whether the on-again, off-again, romance-to-friend-zone relationship between George and Fee should really be full-on romance. Saying, “I love you” in a non-whimsical fashion is not an easy thing to say to someone and the way that Fee says it to George leaves one to wonder whether she meant it as a friend or something more.

Cast & Crew

Writer-Director: Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Producer: Andy Hui
Executive Producers: Ravi Amaratunga & Josh Thomas
DOP: Graham Turner
Key Cast: Gabriel Bisset-Smith, Elena Saurel, Natalie Drew

Ratings & Review

Fun and painful to watch. A personable failed love story that we all can identify with.
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